We are a small team of husband & wife. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. With the help of family, friends and travelers we hope to produce great quality boutique wine you’ll love.

Grant & Raewyn Schwieters

In 2013 we relocated from Taranaki after 16 years of Treehouse Restaurant and Bar ownership – moving North to sun-drenched Kerikeri to develop our Vineyard. From conception to a fully developed vineyard overlooking the Te Puna Inlet we have been rewarded with great accolades with a Silver Medal at the NZ WINE OF THE YEAR and bronze at NZ INTERNATIONAL WINE SHOW – confirming our change in life-style choice to be both rewarding and successful.

Family Affair

Nets Going On

Pinning The Nets

Bandit The Dog

Quality Control & 2IC

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